Tuesday, December 27, 2011


December is such a crazy month!  Haven't updated my blog because I've been doing this (shopping) & that (field trips) & everything else (exactly)!

And I only have 19 training days til Houston Chevron... and 54 training days til Austin Livestrong marathons!!!  That's #3 & #4 for this season.  Wish I hadn't come down with the flu 2 days before Christmas since now I have 'the cough' that takes forever to go away - so I haven't had a long run in almost 2 weeks now!  Plus - I've yet to write my Race Report for the Dallas White Rock Marathon...  I have pics put aside so I'll finish it this week.


This Christmas has been an amazing testimony to God's love for my family.  I am so thankful for all the prayers.  Our Christmas Day was spent at home in pajamas with food, games, movies and lots of peace, warmth & love!  Praise God! 

I took some candid shots on Christmas Eve at my Mom's.  I didn't take any pics on Christmas Day - charged the camera and never used it!  Oh well...  this is all I got... Haha!

God Bless!

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