Saturday, August 18, 2012

Painting Birthday Party

Have you heard of Painting with a Twist ?

It's a painting class, whereby, you and a friend or two (or 10)
meet, paint a canvas, as instructed by a local artist,
share a bottle of wine (or 6... um, yea... )
and paint.

We met there this past week for my mother-in-law's birthday.
She's the one pictured in the middle.
...Dora, Dee, Linda, the birthday girl, Debi, & Sophie...

...Brenda, Sandy, Connie, Carmen...

... and Me... here with my Mamacita.


And talked my ashphalt-kicking-sister, Connie, into coming with me.
(it wasn't that hard to do, lol)

 We all look so involved in our creations...
But, it could have been the wine, or champagne, or even the relish tray!

We all left with a beautiful canvas to place in our homes
(or give away as white elephant gifts - beware!), but mostly
we got together and created a fun-filled memory of a birthday-evening
of laughter, food, wine & treasured friendships!

I'm looking forward to doing this again!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hubster Bday

Last week we celebrated Hubster's 40th bday... We went to dinner at Texas Land & Cattle and he had himself a man's steak! 

Of which, the boy ate almost 1/3 of... LOL

Then we had dessert at his mom's house - didn't get a pic of the carrot cake from J.Alexander's or the chocolate spice cake from Tiago's... trust me, they were unbelievable!

This past weekend we went to dinner to celebrate one of my BFF's birthday and I remembered to ask someone to take our picture, since I alway seem to forget to do that... lol

Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubster!
I Thank God Everday for creating you and for joining us together to get thru this life.  I love you!