Thursday, June 6, 2013

Graduation & Cartwheel

Haven't blogged in a long time - mostly because I'm not on my PC or laptop as often as I used to be.  Hubs bought me an android tablet last summer to pair up with my Galaxy phone - the Galaxy phone by the end of the year became my enemy.  I went back to an iPhone for my birthday in January and then he bought me an iPad for Mother's Day so I could be "in sync" and my techno-life would be smooth and simple once again.

With all this mobile technology you'd think it would be easier to "blog" but the app for Blogger via android & iOS have not been the easiest to use and there's been the challenge of accessing and sharing photos and videos.  I'm sure there are bloggers that have taken the time to figure out all the how-to-details but I'm not a "figure-outer" - I'm a "show me how it works so I can do it" kinda girl. 

Now you know where I've been <wink, wink>

My niece is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks and we had her graduation party for her and my cousin's son this past Sunday.

My niece will be going to Schreiner University and my cousin is joining the military.  We are very proud of both of them and excited to see what the futures holds for them.
We had the graduation party at Mission County Park #2.  I love what they've done with this place - very nice & clean, with lots to do.  There's a big open field that you could play Frisbee, fly kites or work on your cartwheels...
That was not so graceful and was slightly painful.  I decided then that I would consult an expert.  I asked my cousin, who is a highly-skilled gymnast - she competes & has won tons of medals - to show me how it's done...
My cartwheel needs some work.  Hehe! 
(and for the record, she is slightly younger than me)
My Mom has 6 sisters (yes, that's a total of 7 women) and I had to get ONE of them to execute a cartwheel and I knew exactly which one of my Aunts would take on the challenge.  If you know my family, you already know who would do it...
Have a great day!

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