Thursday, September 16, 2010

I will miss you...

Here is the video we played at my grandma's funeral.  I will miss so many things about her. 

* her smile
* her laughter
* you could get her to do almost anything, taste almost anything, and wear almost anything
* she liked playing jokes
* I don't think she ever told me "no"
* she didn't drive, so if you invited her somewhere, you had to pick her up, I guess that's why she didn't say no
* she liked playing bingo, going to las vegas, and playing cards
* she loved football, Cowboys of course
* she loved basketball, Go Spurs Go
* tortillas, tamales & arroz
* capirutara - I think that's how you spell it
* pretty much everything about her

Grandma was a strong, God loving woman and I hope that my life will be as filled as hers.  She touched so many people and through those relationships came bountiful blessings.

Everyone contributed pictures and Allie (Cindy's daughter) & I pulled an all-nighter to put the video together.

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