Friday, November 5, 2010

Dish Report #7

Since the cold weather hit last week, I've been in the mood for nice, hot comfort food.
I was going to make chicken caldo on Halloween, but opted for chili.
What made that even better, was that Q cooked it.
I made mini cornbread muffins which were good on top of the very hot & spicy chili.
(bahaha - that's funny!)

For Thursday's out of ordinary dish
I made Beef Stew w/Mushrooms from the Pioneer Woman and mashed potatoes.
This is what I learned about this dish.
I love mushrooms.
Q is not a stew man.
I really like stews.
Q said the beef was too bland.
I thought it could of used a little more salt but not much.
Little Q doesn't like mashed potatoes.
Vicki doesn't like beef stew w/mushrooms, she prefers ham & cheese sandwiches.
Little Q said, "the meat tastes good with the cornbread, cuz you can't taste the meat"
No rating was given to this dish.

As I was prepping the stew meat, I was reminded of when Q & I first got together.
He had bought steaks and I was not a "steak-eater."
So I cut it into little pieces to cook with rice or something.
He said, "What are you doing?! Why are you cutting that?!"
He was shocked that I would cut up a great piece of steak.
I had learned to cut meats & cook with something.
I guess that's why I love stews and caldos.


Marathon day is only 9 days away!!!
26.2 miles to run on Sunday 11/14

Our last benchmark on 10/24 was 20 miles.

Based on these results
I should finish right under 5 hours.
What?!  I'll be running for 5 hours?!!!
I'm nervous & excited.
Praying for good, cool weather.
Praying for a good crowd to motivate me when I hit "the wall."
Praying that Q will be on the route to give me a turkey sandwich.
Praying for sound mind & healthy body.
Praying for my running bff's.

Take a look at the course map and pick a spot to hang out to cheer the runners on.

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  1. Ha ha! I've been given the "why are you cutting that steak into pieces" look too. :) Praying for your upcoming run. You're a hero!!