Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remind me... Again...

I wish I could explain how my conversations with God make me feel.  It's so hard to put into words the conversations we have...  I went out for an easy run today at Comanche Hill and I had faithfulness and God's provision on my mind.  I left my house filled with gratitude regarding how faithful Father has been in providing my family with living essentials.  He reminded me of His faithfulness in providing me (and those who I love and pray for) with so much more. 

He reminded me of the time that I prayed for Him to give me rest during a time when my heart was filled with so much anguish that I cried almost constantly.

He reminded me of the time that I prayed for "his" brokenness and that God would bring "him" to us to heal "their" pain.

He reminded me of the time when I cried out to bring "her" down to her knees so the only thing she can do is look up.

He reminded me of the time when I prayed "they" would be brought to a place where they would remember how much they love one another.

He reminded me of the time when He told me to keep my mouth shut and that He would speak to "her" and guide "her" decision.

He reminded me that He knows the cries of my heart before words are ever formed in my head or spoken from my mouth.

These were big God moments in my life, and He reminded me that He, in all his splendor, works daily in my life so much, that "I ain't seen nothing yet."

All I could do at the end of my run was cry and praise Him with my hands held high.

Psa 150:2  Praise Him for his acts of power; Praise Him for his surpassing greatness.

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