Friday, August 27, 2010


First week of school - DONE!

I have been looking forward to getting life back on to a schedule, but the transition from flexible to structure can take it's toll.  Getting up early every day, making breakfast, packing lunches, dropping off, picking up, planning meals, signing papers, taking baths, reading stories, and turning off the lights - oh! and let's not forget about all the pets, dog, fish & chinchillas, they need tending too - oh! and the household things, like cleaning, grocery shopping, & laundry, gotta fit those things in - oh! and...  you get the picture :)

Here's little Q getting ready to go to 1st grade - He's such a dork & I love him!

Here's Vicki - Getting ready to head off to her Senior Year at Madison HS.  She kept shaking her head so I wouldn't take her picture.  She's crazy & I love her!

Here's my dog, Bomber.  After the kids left I looked down at him and reminded that it was just me & him for the day.  I think he was happy.  He can be a pain, but I love him too.

I don't have a 'back to school' picture of Felicia since she lives in her own apartment.  She's been pretty busy this week getting her new schedule set up with school and work.  She'll be here this weekend working on a paper and some math homework.  Hope to snap a pic of that.  Busy girl and I love her too!

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