Saturday, December 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

Thursday I cooked my "out of the ordinary dish" and it was very good.  I grilled some striped pangasus (fish) - I brushed it with butter, sprinkled it with garlic/onion seasoning, dill, & salt, then grilled in a pan with some olive oil.  It was very good.  I also gave spaghetti squash a 2nd attempt.  Last time I made it, I had a hard time with it - too crunchy.  This time, I let it ripen for 4 days on the counter and it came out of the oven perfectly tender.  I sauteed some onion, garlic, zucchini, & italian seasoning, then tossed in the spaghetti squash.  It was very good - yummo!

I took a picture of it all plated but I didn't like the quality of the photo - the lighting in my kitchen is not good.  Could be cuz one set of our flourescent lights are completely out.  Maybe Santa will fix it for me by Christmas morning.  I'll put it on my Christmas list.

Dinner was good, Q & LQ were happy, then we all sat down and watched the recordings of Charlie Brown.  Oh, and LQ & I decorated our gingerbread house.

Very Fun, Very Sweet, Very Tasty...

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