Friday, April 15, 2011

Basketball and a Hotel

Last weekend, LQ & I, went on a road trip to Dallas to see my nephew play in a basketball tournament with the SA Hurricanes.  LQ was really excited about staying in a hotel.  We got there on Friday night and if you ask LQ what the best part about staying in a hotel is - he'd say "the pool."  He woke up on Saturday morning and was ready to dive in!  I, however, was not.  It was 75 degrees outside and there were 21+mph winds so it was not exactly hot Texas weather.  So being the good Mom that I am, after breakfast, I let him get in while I sat poolside and finished my coffee.

Then we looked up and saw these little boys peeking from their window.

Then a nice couple came out to the pool with their kids, so I gave in to parent-peer-pressure and got in the pool with my boy.

For the record, I do not have a "duck foot."

We had a real good time watching Patric and all the teams play - it amazes me how big these boys are...

Patric is on the left and LQ is the little one in the middle (in case you didn't know - heehee).

One of the team dad's took some really good pics.  Here's a good action shot of Patric.

I love watching Patric play basketball.  He plays with so much passion!
I'm looking forward to watching him play again.  He plays in Houston next and I think his team will be travelling to College Station in a couple of months.

The other very cool thing about staying at a hotel, especially the ones that have complimentary breakfast available, is none other than...





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  1. TX waffles -- ha! Never seen those before :) Kids just love hotels, don't they? And I was *never* that "good mom" that got in the pool with the kiddies. . .esp. if it was only 75 degrees -- good for you!!!

  2. How fun! Our three year old is completely obsessed with going to hotels. Every time we pull into the garage, he starts crying because we didn't go to a hotel. When we ask what he wants to do, he says first sleep, than eat! So, I guess he knows what he is talking about! :) The other day, he even brought me pennies and told me he was giving me his money so we could go to the "O-tel"!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love that Texas waffle..that is just too much! You Texans : )

  4. Those waffles are super neat! I think pools are all kids' favorite part of hotels.

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