Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekends not for Wimps...

Friday.  The kiddos were off for our Fiesta Battle of Flowers Holiday.  Remember I told you about Fiesta in San Antonio?  A common city-wide-mantra is "no siesta til after Fiesta."  We didn't go to the parade but we did manage to fill our day.  V, LQ & I met my mother-in-law for breakfast, then V & I went to get pedi-mani's since she had prom on Saturday.  Then V ran a couple of errands she had for shoes & accessories while LQ & I did a few things at home.  Friday night my friend Diane came over and we did some crafting.  I painted a new scripture canvas that I was trying to match to family print but I'm not sure if it quite matches but I'm happy with the way it came out so I'll try to use it somewhere...

Saturday.  Can you say "busy, busy, busy"?  LQ had a t-ball game at 10, so off to the ballfield we went.

Adorable :)

We got home around close to noon and the hubster & I thought we'd be able to go out and play a game of disc golf after I helped V with her dress.  I don't know when or where I convinced myself that I could use "no-sew" tape to hem V's dress in an hour.  After trying to pin it for about an hour & a half, I realized that I was going to have to cut about 5 inches and use my sewing machine.  I was starting to panic and sweat.  So I called one of the alteration places right by my house and pleaded if they could "hem while I waited."  He said, "no way and that I should not touch the dress or I could ruin it."  At this point, I felt nauseous.  So I ate.  Q & LQ went to play disc golf without me. 

Then V said to me, "you can do it mom, even if you mess it up, it'll be ok cuz I'm gonna have it hemmed shorter anyway."  Wasn't that sweet?  It was almost 3 o'clock, so I mouthed a hundred prayers, cut 5 inches from both the dress and the lining, and started to sew.

I finished by 4:30!  Whew!  V looked stunning!

After the kids left for prom, I set up the table to make some Easter cascarones.

After all was said and done, I sat down with LQ and we watched Tangled in 3D.  I loved it!

It was a busy, busy, busy couple of days, and I loved, Loved, LOVED it...

... when it was over.  ;) lol

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  1. Wow-good for you snipping that dress right off at the hem! I'm sure it was scary : ) It looks like you did a great job!