Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Coffee

Friday is one of my favorite days.

I work part time, Mon, Tue & Thu, and I normally stay in on Friday and catch up on any lifetime recordings.  But, I am going to the office today for just a couple of hours to finish up next week's email campaign.

Before I leave, I wanted to fill you in...

LQ started t-ball this week.  We got him registered late so the team already completed 2 practices, so his first practice was a scrimmage game.  He was SO CUTE! 

All the kids were adorable and some of them were so small, I just wanted to scoop them up and run them around the bases.  It was fun watching them all light up and learn what to do.  When it was over and we headed to the car, LQ looked up at me, smiled, spoke lightly and said, "Mom, that was fun.  Can we do it again?"  My heart melted :)  We have practice again tomorrow and the Boy and his "Cardinals" team have 14 games scheduled between now and the end of May!  Wow!
I overheard a conversation a few days ago - is that eavesdropping? - whereby someone was saying they avoid blogs and facebook because people normally only post 'the good stuff' of their life.  Another person said they feel like their life is boring or that their role as a parent is lacking. 

I guess I'm guilty of posting only the 'good stuff.'

So, right now, I'm admitting that I dislike housekeeping.  Don't get me wrong.  I enjoy being in a clean house, but I'm not thrilled about being the one to clean it.  The downstairs of my house is normally in OK shape, but if you ever decide to 'drop in' for a visit - be prepared to see ME and not look at my floors or the counters or the shelves or the coffeetable or the pantry.  Paper, magazines, mail, cups/glasses, and shoes make their home over all these areas.  And you can forget about 'seeing my house' cuz the upstairs is even crazier!
Next week is spring break!  I wish F was coming home for a visit but she got a new job and has lots of studying to do.  I really miss her but had a sweet phone conversation with her earlier this week. 

Here are some pics of the day trip we made to see her a few weeks ago.

V let me color her hair this week and it's back to black :)  Here's a serious pic she sent me whilest she was studying in class.
She is so pretty :)  Don't let the bullet bracelet worry you... lol
Made one of our favorite meals last night.  King Ranch Chicken!  It a rotel recipe and I encourage you to make it.  Chicken cooking tip: bring to a boil in salt/sugar water and the chicken comes out M.U.Y..D.E.L.I.C.I.O.S.O!  It's a top family favorite.  PLUS, I followed it up with a fruit bowl.  We absolutely LOVE FRUIT and the strawberries are coming into season - YUMMO!
Have a great weekend!  Mine starts now at 1:15 when I head to LQ's school to help a classroom of 1st graders FLY KITES!  Wish me luck and pray for my patience!  LOL

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