Friday, March 11, 2011


I went up to LQ's school this afternoon to fly kites with 1st graders.

What was I thinking?

It sounded like fun... at the moment.

Good thing the school yard is fenced in.
I lost my boy in a sea of 5-6 yr olds and kites.

LQ's teacher, Mrs. C, asked me if I had gotten some pictures.
At that moment I admitted that I hadn't because I couldn't find my son.
Oh wait!  Is that him zipping by.

I caught this pic after I had finished helping at least 5 other kids
untangle their strings and get their kites back in the air.

It appeared that all the children were having fun.
I heard things like...
"Mrs. Snow, my kite broke."
"Mrs. Snow, my kite won't fly."
"Q's mom, the stick came off my kite, can you put it back on?"
"Mrs. Snow, help me!"
Wait!  There's my boy again.  Running with his Avatar kite.

I'm glad we splurged on the $3 kite.

It survived.

I did too.

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  1. My daughter is always asking to fly kites, but we always forget it at home. Sounds like everyone had a good time and that it was a huge success. Your pictures really captured the moment well. Thank you for sharing.