Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm smiling...

Today, Q & I celebrate our 9th anniversary.
We've been a family for 15 years - yes, we know - it took us a long time to get married. 
God has truly had His hand on us from the day we met.
Q has been my best friend, the husband of my dreams, and the greatest father to all our children.

Winter 1995 - the year we met.

We were all together celebrating and really happy here.

Our wedding day - Oct. 6, 2001

We added little Q in 2004.

May we always share with each other gifts of love.
May we always be one in heart and in mind.
May we always create a home together that prospers in love, generosity and kindness.

I Love You Q...


  1. What a sweet post. Congratulations, you two! You're wonderful together! Love the pictures chronicling your life together.

  2. Just beautiful, Gina. Thanks for sharing those snippets of y'alls wonderful life together. I'm always blessed when I see other couples that are as happy as my hubby and I. Amazing what having Jesus at the center of a marriage/family does, huh? xo