Friday, October 15, 2010

Out of the ordinary dish #4

Chalupa Burgers are now my favorite burgers!  I first had them at Big's Burgers, so my out of the ordinary dish this week would be my own spin on them.  It's a basic burger that has a bean & cheddar cheese chalupa with pico de gallo on top of a beef patty.  I made 2 different patties, lean ground beef and ground turkey.  Beef for Q and turkey for me - I'm back on weight watchers.  I also made baked french fries from a recipe I found at  (If you are on WW, my turkey burger came to 7 pts & the fries were 2.  I used 3 large potatoes and divided it into 8 servings.)

You may be wondering why this would be an "out of the ordinary dish" for me.  Believe it or not I have never made pico de gallo.  I know!  It's such a basic food item for latino's and I've never learned how to make it.  I have relied heavily on my Dad and my sister to come through with those toppings at family gatherings and, frankly, I have become dependent on HEB to make it for me at home.  However, after spending only than .03 on 1 serrano jalapeno, .25 on cilantro, .33 on 2 roma tomatoes, .48 on a yellow onion, I'm wondering why I haven't been making my own all the time!  Not only did I save money, but it tasted pretty darn good!  Texted my Dad this morning since he coached me on this simple recipe and told him that the pico was "muy sabroso."

Q liked them and said "I like these better than the other ones so far."  He packed up leftovers for today and the pico is all gone.

I didn't get a picture since the buns I used were too small and it looked a burger from Saturn, but no matter, we laughed and had fun eating them.  Chalupa ring first.

So here's a pic of what it's supposed to look like...

And here's a random pic of Q sipping a cup of hot coffee.  Just because he's so cute.  Have a great weekend!

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