Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Good, Good, & Very Good

We ate out 4 times this past weekend and we were left hungry for good service.
Not Good.

Got the IHOP coupon for Kids Eat Free & Free Entree - so we decided to go there for dinner.
Little Q ordered the Smiley Face and the strawberry eyes did not look like eyes but 1 big puddle of strawberry goo with 2 pieces of strawberry trying to catch a breath.
Not Good.
Q ordered chicken fried steak & sunny side up eggs.  As the server set his plate on the table, the sunny side up eggs slid off the plate on to the table.
Not Good.
I wanted to substitute my fries with a salad.
They brought me fries anyway.
I ate them.
Not Good.
Plus the salad.
Good.  I think.

Q & I had a date night planned and were set to go to Silo.
I had purchased the Groupon a couple of weeks ago and figured it would be a nice anniversary treat.
I didn't know we needed reservations.
Not Good.
So we went to Houlihans.
We've come to like Bryce as our server so asked to sit in his section.
He was full.
Not Good.
We were served instead by Ashley(?) - I think.
Can't remember if that was her name.
Food was Good.
Ordered dessert.
Super yummy - ate all of Q's.
Not Good.

Went to Willie's after church on Sunday to meet Q's mom for lunch.
We ordered and we sat down and nobody saw us for almost 10 minutes.
Not Good.
Finally flagged someone down, ordered, & ate.
Okay... Good.

Sunday afternoon.
The Cowboys lost.  Q not happy.
Not Good.

Sunday evening.
Went to Las Palapas for some friend's birthday dinner.
The one in Leon Springs is open on Sundays.
I asked the server if they had run out of chips & salsa since everyone had some but us.
She may have been overwhelmed by such a big party.
Not Good.
Food was OK.
Q & I agreed that we prefer Las Palapas for breakfast.

Other than food service.
Hobby Lobby accepts their online coupon via your mobile.
Very Good.
Michaels does not.
Not Good.
Borders at the Forum has very nice, polite & helpful people.
Books & Coffee must make them happy.
I'd have to agree.
Very Good.

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