Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Out of the ordinary dish...

A few weeks ago I shared about my 'blackened fried chicken' experience.  Last week, I cooked something new - chicken pasta primavera, a side of corn & cheese, garden salad and breadsticks.  The primavera was good, but I used grated parmesan instead of fresh, so it wasn't creamy enough.  The corn was good so Q mixed it with the primavera to make it creamy.  I made the corn sidedish again yesterday to take to our small group.  Everyone said they liked it - I took home an empty dish - so, that's a good sign.  I added a little more salt than the first time and an extra jalapeno.  When I told Q it had jalapeno, he asked why isn't it hot?  Well, I took the seeds out - I only wanted to add the flavor.  Next time, he wants it hot. Okay :)

I'll be looking over my cookbooks today and planning an out of the ordinary dish for Thursday.  Thursday seems to be the best day for me to venture with my 'experimental, out of the ordinary' cooking.


  1. The corn was delicious! Keep it up with your experimental cooking! :)

  2. Oh My!... I'm beginning to think that I might be the Ginnie Pig here!...

  3. I am really bad at trying out new recipes . . . I have never, ever used jalepenos! I am not very adventurous. :) Good job! Sounds like they were yummy!