Monday, October 4, 2010

Where was I...

... this weekend?

It's funny.  Yesterday my uncle asked me how my Mom was doing, I told him she was doing well and I had just seen her the night before, and for the life of me it took me a good 20 seconds to remember what we had done together.  Really.  And before that, I was asked, "did you go to the outreach on Friday?" and it took me a few seconds to remember where I was on Friday.  Really.  So I've figured out that, in my mind, I like to start every day with a 'clean slate' - that's right - with no recollections of what I'd done the day before, much less 2 days or even a week before.  So, today I'm recapping my weekend - more for my memory really since I can't get over how easily I forgot what I'd done.

After Q got home on Friday we trekked out to other side of town to connect with residents of our northwest campus.  It was a great evening.  We gave out free hot dogs, drinks, & cookies and it was amazing.  Meeting new people can be hard.  Especially during those awkward moments of silence when you meet a new person and the getting to know you conversation falls into a pit.  My brain shifts and turns and searches for a question or a comment to restart any kind of dialogue.  The good thing is that when the next opportunity to see and talk to that same person, we can converse back and forth based on our dialogue history - so I'm hoping to see many of them sooner than later, so I won't forget what we talked about.

Most Saturdays, Q & I have lunch together and maybe catch up on the DVR, run errands, and/or visit family or friends.  This Sat, everyone had something different to do.  Q had a couple of side jobs, Vicki had a swim meet followed by date night, and little Q had a birthday party.  I had a 10 mile run, a wedding, and bunco.  I absolutely love the group that I run with and as early as it (wake up at 4:45, to meet group at 6 am), I do everything I can not to miss this time.  Q & I had initially planned on going to the wedding together, but since extra work opportunities came up, I asked Felicia to go to the wedding with me and she did.  We had a very nice time together.  She really is growing into a 'super-woman.'  She is learning to balance life - boyfriend, friends, work, play & bills - and I grow more and more proud of her everyday.  The hard part for me is in offering my suggestion as opposed to giving my opinion.  There is a difference, as subtle as it may be, there is a difference.  So we went to Laura & Rey's wedding and it was beautiful.  I love weddings and I cry.  Felicia laughs cuz she knows exactly when I'm about to cry - but what that really tells me is that it probably makes her want to cry too but since I'm there she 'shifts hers tears' towards me so she doesn't have to.  Chicken.  After I dropped her off at her aparment (of course I said hello to her cat) and returned some things to Costco, I met my Mom, Dad & brother at the VFW off of Broadway for bunco.  I like bunco - it's fun, interactive, and you get to eat :)  I got home around 10 and my hunny-bunny and I watched the Apprentice from last week and both fell asleep on the couches.  This season is filled with some very high strung people that's for sure.

Now we're at Sunday.  Went to church and the message on from Friend to Friendship was great.  It's the 2nd message of the Reboot series.  Sean started with FB and ended with the greatest commandment - mucho clever.  It made me really think about the relationships in my life.  How & why they start?  Why & when do they waiver?  Do they get abandoned?  If they come back, why or why not?  What does it say about me and the value I put on relationships?  Like I said, it was great!

Q and little Q went to the Spurs open practice after church and I stayed home and finished my homework for my bible study this week.  Vicki worked til 6, then Felicia came over for the evening to finish some homework online.  The evening ended with everyone here - at home - safe and sound.  There's something very comforting and warm when everyone is here.

That actually felt pretty good to recap the weekend - now only if I can get into the habit of taking more pictures, it would be even better.

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